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Found your buyer, seller or tenant? Let us take care of the required documentation.

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*Top agents according to past transactions records from CEA Website

Selling or buying an HDB involves many steps and paperwork submissions. Our professionals will ensure no steps are missed and assist you with Financial planning, Intent to Buy/ Sell, Option to Purchase, Valuation application, Resale Application, Inspection of flat and HDB appointments.

Private Properties

Condo and landed property transactions are simpler so you won’t need documentation service but you’ll need a good advisor for mortgage and conveyancing lawyers. Have a chat with our mortgage specialists and lawyers today.


Whether you are renting out a HDB, Condo or a room, we can assist you with checking eligibility of potential tenants, the tenancy agreement, inventory list and facilitation of a smooth handover.

What Makes Us Powerful

90% of our agents’ work is done by our technology

90% of our agents’ work is done by our technology. We’re referring to the research, e-valuation, allocation of specialised experts according to your needs, scheduling and matching of the properties. Because we work as one company, this means you benefit from higher accuracy in information, faster speed in our response time and most importantly, the ability to aggregate over 375,000 active transactors each month to bring you the most number of genuine buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants. Being served by our leading technology also means that our agents’ time is freed up to have undivided attention on serving your needs. This is why not only is Ohmyhome able to constantly transact 2 times faster than the market average speed, we are also rated the highest by our customers.

A total stress-free transaction thanks to Ohmyhome professional documentation service.
Abu Bakar & Amida Seller agent service and Buyer Documentation Service

Transparent Prices, Reliable Services

HDB Buyer

Perfect for HDB buyers who have found their dream home, let our team of experienced agents take care of your Option to Purchase (OTP), Resale Application and more.

$ 988 + GST

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HDB Seller

Found a buyer? Enjoy peace of mind and a smooth documentation process when you engage our experienced agents to take care of the required paperwork.

$ 988 + GST

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HDB Leasing

Need assistance with the documentation process after finding your tenant? From the HDB approval application to issuing your Tenancy Agreement, you can count on us for a smooth handover.

$ 588 + GST

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Condo & Landed Property Leasing

Found a tenant? Let us take care of your documentation process. From tenant eligibility, tenancy agreement, inventory checklist to handover, we’ve got you covered.

$ 988 + GST

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How it works

Here's everything you need to know when engaging with Ohmyhome Agents

  • 1
    Get in touch

    A dedicated customer care personnel will call you to understand your needs for a simple and seamless property transaction

  • 2
    Understand the market

    Get expert advice from our agent as we take care of the steps and paperwork necessary to complete your transaction.

  • 3
    Sit back & relax

    Our team of experienced real estate professionals will ensure a smooth documentation process.

Trusted by over 8,000 happy homes

  • Knowledgeable, efficient and friendly

    “Mansor from OMH is knowledgeable, efficient and friendly. He had secured a deal for my Mother's Flat in a short period of time. He even goes the extra mile to assist her on all documentations and submissions. I truly recommend Mansor to those who have the intent to sell/buy flats. Kudos to Ohmyhome.”

    Indra Sha
  • Good first impression

    “Sharing my experiences with an OMH agent, Mansor Sulaiman... Having no experinces in buying and selling a property, it was a hard decision to entrust a stranger to manage all the necassary documentations and logistics of the whole process. After meeting a few agents, Mansor made a good first impression and both the Mrs and me finally agreed on someone. A plus point, the OMH agent services. His knowledge of the Bukit Panjang area and always eveready to answer all queries is commendable. ”

    Hirahman Ramli

Frequenty Asked Questions

  • How do I know that Ohmyhome Agents are top agents?

    This is easy to verify! Just go to CEA's public register and search for Ohmyhome, and you'll be able to see the transaction details of each of our agents. Our results speak for themselves. On average, each Ohmyhome agent completed 74 deals in the past 24 months. With us, you're definitely in good hands.

  • When to engage documentation service?

    You can engage Ohmyhome documentation services once the prices are negotiated and there is an agreement from the seller or buyer to transact the property. At this stage, our Ohmyhome Super Agents will help you with all the necessary paperwork, including the Intent to Buy/Sell form, Option to Purchase (OTP), and more. Buy or sell your home worry-free!

  • What is the difference between documentation and the full agent service?

    Our documentation service is only applicable when you’ve already found a buyer or seller and negotiated the selling price, after which our Super Agents will help you with the necessary paperwork. On the other hand, our full agent services are applicable at the beginning of your buying or selling journey. From matching you with the right buyers or sellers to closing the deal, our Super Agents will be there for you. This of course, includes documentation services.

  • Will I have to work with the agents to complete my documentation?

    No you won’t have to. The beauty of our documentation services is that we handle all the paperwork for you. We will constantly update you with the status of your documentation and will reply to any of your queries as soon as possible. You can rest assured that we will take care of you from the moment you transact your home all the way till the completion date.

  • Will I have the complete support of Ohmyhome agents with my paperwork?

    Yes, you will. The beauty of our documentation services is that we handle all the paperwork for you. We will check and assist you with all the required documents and procedures for your property transaction. You can rest assured that we will take care of you from the moment you transact your home until the completion date.

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