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What is Buyer's Stamp Duty Calculator?

This calculator helps you find the total tax amount payable on the documents signed when you buy a property.

Why is Buyer's Stamp Duty necessary?

When buying a property, the ownership changes from the previous owner to you (the new occupier) – and it must be legally and officially registered. It is not only an offence to use a document which Stamp Duty has not been paid on, it is also important to note that only a document where Stamp Duty is paid can be admitted as evidence in the court in cases of disagreements.

What is my next step after calculating Buyer's Stamp Duty?

You can proceed to make your payment online via the IRAS website or drop by any of their service centres to do it in person. If you need expert guidance to help with your financial planning, don't hesistate to reach out to our mortgage specialists by calling 9727-1009.